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​​​ Roles and Functions

The Mandate given under the instrument assigns Ministry of Works and Transport roles and functions as follows:-




  1. To develop, monitor, evaluate and review transport policies, legislations, regulations, programs, guidelines and standards for improving efficiency and making transport sector more responsive to the present and future requirements of the Country;
  2. To monitor and evaluate performance of transport sector including Authorities, Executive Agencies and other Public Institutions under the Sector and transport implementing authorities/agencies;
  3. To formulate and submit National Master Plan for transport development to the Government and to coordinate the implementation of Local Master Plan for transport development in accordance with the National Master Plan;
  4. To facilitate implementation of international conventions, protocols and agreements regarding the Transport Sector;
  5. To build capacity of the Sector staff and institutions under the Sector;
  6. To have Policies, guidelines and standards for Railways, Ports and Airports infrastructure development and maintenance;
  7. To monitor and evaluate the performance of Authorities, Agencies, Companies involved in Transport Infrastructure;
  8. To carry out technical audits on development and maintenance programmes of transport projects;
  9. To monitor railways, ports and airports construction services;
  10. To prepare and review policies, legislations, regulations and standards related to environment on transport monitor and evaluate their implementation;
  11. To coordinate Air Transport accident investigation; and
  12. To promote safety and best practices within the Aviation community.